Smooth Hue Transition Debayer maximDL Plugin

MaximDL’s built in debayer tool (ConvertRGB) uses a derivation of the Nearest Neighbor Replication algorithm. This is fast, but fairly simplistic in it’s results, producing artifacts around the edges of bright stars.

The algorithm is described below:


Nearest Neighbor Replication




There are several well known alternative algorithms and the plugin below implements the smooth hue transition interpolation algorithm, also described below:


Smooth Hue Transition Interpolation


My plugin implementation of the smooth hue transition interpolation debayer algorithm is available here:


Release notes:


V1.0 – Initial release – includes optional CCD spectral response compensation


smooth hue transition debayer v1.0


If you use this plugin, please give me feedback via the MaximDL yahoo group, or by email to winfij_AT_gmail_DOT_com






(Algorithm descriptions courtesy of Ting Chen)


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