Guider Settling MaximDL Script

This script for MaximDL is used during sequence capturing and ensures that the guider error settles back to below the specified threshold before the sequence is allowed to proceed.
This is especially useful if your system drifts during the time of the main ccd download, or if you are using guider controlled dithering between exposures.


Simply select this script in the sequence tool.

The script will drop right through and do nothing if guiding is not enabled, or if guiding is halted part way through a sequence, so it is safe to leave in the sequence config even when guiding is not being used.

There are comments in the script which identify the values which need to be changed to alter the thresholds the script will wait until the guider error drop below.

Config options:

         Guider error thresholds specified in the script.

Version history:
v1.0 - Initial release.

Guider Settle v1.0

If you download this to give it a go, please post feedback on the MaximDL Yahoo group, or email me directly at: winfij_AT_gmail_DOT_com
One final note - if you have any errors, please note the exact error messages and let me know!



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