CopyStack Script

This script simplifies gathering images shot over multiple nights into a single directory for processing and stacking in MaximDL.

MaximDL generally only allows you to use files from a single source directory in its file based processing tools, but often images shot over multiple nights have identical filenames making gathering them all into a single directory difficult.
This script allows you to easily copy all the desired files into a single directory, automatically renaming files where names conflict.


Simply create a shortcut to this script on your desktop, then drag files or directories onto it from Windows Explorer. The files will be copied to the target directory specified in the script, with duplicates being renamed on the fly.
The total length of all filenames copied in one go is limited to 255 characters, so copy them in batches if there are a lot of files or they have long names.

Any combination of files or directories can be dragged onto the copyscript - if one or more directories are dragged on, the files they contain will be copied into the destination directory.

Config options:

         Edit the target directory path in the script file before use.

Version history:
v1.0 - Initial release.
v1.1 - Support for copying whole directories.

CopyStack v1.1

If you download this to give it a go, please post feedback on the MaximDL Yahoo group, or email me directly at: winfij_AT_gmail_DOT_com
One final note - if you have any errors, please note the exact error messages and let me know!



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