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Imaging Date: 25th Oct 2008

Designations :
Sh 2-171 & NGC7822

Object Type :
Diffuse Nebula

Description :

Coordinates (J2000) :
RA: 00h04m42.0s Dec: +6710'00"

Constellation : Cepheus

Integrated Magnitude : N/A

Size : 120 arcmin

Equipment details :
ART11002 through Pentax SDHF-75, unguided

Exposure details :
Ha = 14 x 300s (70 mins) binned 2x2

This is a somewhat uncommonly imaged nebular pairing - the two just fitting into the field of view of my widefield scope nicely.
Sh 2-171 is the bright nebula at the bottom of the frame, with the dimmer NGC 7822 arching above it.
On the right hand edge of NGC 7822 the open cluster NGC 7762 can be seen with a size of 14 arcmins.