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Imaging Date: 21st Sept 2008

Designation :
NGC 7000, Sh 2-117, LBN 373, PID 328

Object Type :
Diffuse Nebula

Description :
NGC 7000, the North America Nebula, is located in the constellation of Cygnus. It is a very large area of emission nebulosity extending some 2.5 degrees to the east of Deneb. It was discovered in the early 1890s during experiments into wide field astrophotography. Several areas of nebulosity can be seen surrounding NGC 7000 including IC 5070, the Pelican Nebula to the west and IC 5068 to the south. The 'Skull Nebula' can also be seen between the North America and the Pelican nebulae.

Coordinates (J2000) :
RA: 20h58m30.0s Dec: +4422'28"

Constellation : Cygnus

Integrated Magnitude : 4.00

Size : 120 arcmin

Equipment details :
ART11002 through Pentax SDHF-75, unguided

Exposure details :
Ha = 39 x 300s binned 2x2

This was the first time I used the SDHF-75 with the full frame ccd and I am very impressed by the flatness of the focal plane - CCDInspector reports a field curvature of only 5%.
I had to manually focus this setup, since I don't have a motorized focuser on the refractor - it took a good 15 minutes of tiny jogs back and forth to get the best focus, giving me greater respect for the patience of those who have to do this every time they image.