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Imaging Date: 8-12th Oct 2008

Designation :
IC 1318, Sh 2-108, PID 316

Object Type :
Diffuse Nebula

Description :

Coordinates (J2000) :
RA: 20h26m35.0s Dec: +4017'47"

Constellation : Cygnus

Integrated Magnitude : 14.90

Size : 80x70 arcmin

Equipment details :
ART11002 through Pentax SDHF-75, unguided

Exposure details :
Ha = 153 x 300s (12.75 hours) binned 2x2

I took the subs over the course of 4, 3 hour sessions, with the last 2 having very good transparancy.
The 6nm FWHM Baader Ha filter gave good contrast despite the full moon.
Although I took the subs binned 2x2, during processing I used drizzle processing techniques to upscale the data to the unbinned resolution, as well as using Fat tail deconvolution to enhance the detail.
I was very pleased with the results, with nice detail in the extended nebula, especially in the dark globules.