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Imaging Date: 1-3 May 2008

Designation :
Blackeye Galaxy, M 64, NGC 4826, MCG 4-31-1, UGC 8062, PGC 44182

Object Type :
Spiral Galaxy

Description :
Discovered 1779 by Edward Pigott.
Messier 64 (M64, NGC 4826) is the famous Black Eye galaxy, sometimes also called the "Sleeping Beauty galaxy." The conspicuous dark structure is a prominent dust feature obscuring the stars behind. This feature also enables one to determine, or at least estimate, which of the galaxy's sides is nearer and which more remote; in case of M64, it seems that the southern side is nearer to us.

Coordinates (J2000) :
RA: 12h56m43.8s Dec: +2141'00"

Constellation : Coma Berenices

Integrated Magnitude : 9.30 B

Size : 10.0 x 5.0 arcmin

Equipment details :
ART11002 through 10" LX200R, unguided

Exposure details :
L = 60 x 120s
RGB = 60 x 30x each